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Blood Spots (Cherry Angioma, Campbell de Morgan Spots)

Consultation: Free

15 Minutes: £90

30 Minutes:£140

**A full consultation is required prior to treatment.**

What Are Blood Spots?

Cherry Angioma/Blood Spots/Campbell de Morgan Spots are clusters of tiny capillaries that form small round domes on the skin’s surface.

They are mostly seen on the trunk in middle age and are more common in men than women.

They range in colour from bright red to purple. Initially a tenth of a millimetre in diameter and almost flat, appearing as small red dots, they usually grow to about 1-2 mm and sometimes to a centimetre.


No one is sure what causes them, but it seems to be genetic.

They are treated with Diathermy only.

Results from ACP

Smaller ones often disappear at time of treatment. Larger ones will need more than one treatment.

How many treatments?

For small-medium sized blood spots 1 treatment will be required, for larger ones 2 treatments will be required.